Avoid Overused Language

编辑:Claire        日期:2022-01-05

While it's normal to repeat some words or phrases, it's good to catch and subvert overused words and weak selections, especially if most of your posts are aimed at the same audience.

If you're looking for a better way to engage readers with content that is more relevant, then Pitaya's rewrite function will get you started - here's how.

Rewrite sentences

Words that often seem like the most obvious choice are also frequently overused. Take "very," for instance: If you say "very" a lot, it's hard for people to distinguish from one another in terms of priority, urgency or difficulty.

"He told me that in private yesterday." becomes "He tipped me off yesterday."

"I don't understand at all" becomes "It doesn't make sense to me."

Pitaya's rewrite feature will make your sentences natural, concise and effortless.

Replace vague words

You don't want to use vague or inaccurate words in your writing, do you? Pitaya's synonym suggestions can help you find words that have similar meanings to what you're trying to achieve. "Very good" could become "awesome". Pitaya helps find thee commonly overused words and replace them with better ones!

Proofread, always

When you write something, you need to remember that there are certain things that should never go wrong, even when they come across as cliché or boring. Always double check before sending an email, article or publish your post. Use pitaya! Pitaya does a comprehensive grammar check in a matter of seconds, and automatically detects any errors that haven't been found during the editing process. This feature is available on all free and paid plans and works on every device!