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  In the research field of natural language processing, grammar correction is a very basic research direction, but it is relatively small.


  Machine automatic machine grammatical error correction has been a classic research problem in the field of natural language processing, machine grammatical errorcorrection has failed to reach ideal functionality for a long time.

近来,微软亚洲研究院采用了一种全新的学习和推理机制,首次实现了机器语法的自动检测,其结果在CoNL-2014和 JFLEG两个权威语法自动纠正测试数据集上都超过了人类参考的水平。

  Recently, MSR Asia used a brand-new learning and inference mechanism and successfully reached human-level performance for the first time on CoNLL-2014 and JFLEG datasets.


  This technique has contributed to the new essay scoring function in Microsoft Xiaoying, making it not only a private English speaking teacher but also a writing teacher.

不管是人们每天在办公室联络时所使用的电子邮件,还是写文案,翻译文件, PPT展示,都可以帮助人们提高语法和写作水平,而且有更广泛的应用场景。火龙果智能语法检测

  In addition to helping people improve their grammar and writing skills, machine grammar checking also has a wider range of applications, whether it's email that people use every day for office contact or writing, translating documents, PowerPoint presentations.


  In the presence of all Office documents, the grammar checker is a seemingly niche technique that can help people to standardize the use of language more intelligently and conveniently. In the future, the complex grammar correction work may be handed over to artificial intelligence to do.


  University Students Envision A Connected World Together with Honeywell


  Themed the Power of Connected, the Fourth Honeywell Star Innovation Contest held its final and award ceremony in Honeywell's Shanghai Zhangjiang Campus. The Top 8 proposals envisioned a future industrial world through digitalization, and ready to draw a blueprint of a connected world together with Honeywell.



  Among the entries, a multi-agent technology based smart solution can control the brightness of urban street lights based on ambient light intensity and vehicle and pedestrian flow information;


  a team tried to solve the traffic congestion pain in megacities, and designed a multi-functional urban transportation system, which could link up aviation and automobile industry;


  and a project focused on intelligent indoor positioning service system with accuracy up to 10 cm.火龙果智能语法检测


  At the award ceremony, Honeywell launched the 2019 Campus Recruitment on Developing Engineers Program. Graduating students who are enrolled in the program will have three job rotations within two years.火龙果智能语法检测


  Uber Posted a GAAP Net Loss of $891 Million in the 2Q 2018

根据外国媒体的报道, Uber创始人特拉维斯·卡兰尼克辞职、达拉·科斯罗萨西随后掌权一年后, Uber仍将面临9位数的巨额损失。时至今日,企业仍难以应对收入增长放缓。

  A year after Dara Khosrowshahi took the reins at Uber following the resignation of controversial founder Travis Kalanick, the company is still facing massive, six-figure losses. Only now it’s also grappling with slower revenue growth.

据 CNBC和 Axios等新闻媒体报道,根据美国通用会计准则计算,2018年第二季度 Uber净亏损8.91亿美元,而一季度 Uber净利润为25亿美元(包括从俄罗斯和东南亚转移的资产)。Uber在2017年第四季度亏损11亿美元。

  Several news outlets, including CNBC and Axios, reported that Uber posted a GAAP net loss of $891 million in the second quarter of 2018. That compared to a $2.5 billion net profit in the first quarter (which included proceeds from the sale of assets in Russia and Southeast Asia) and a $1.1 billion loss in the quarter before that.


  Revenue, meanwhile, rose 49% year over year to $2.7 billion. That’s down from the 67% growth rate in the first quarter.火龙果智能语法检测

主要原因是, Uber的核心叫车业务增长速度放缓。与第一季度55%的增长相比,第二季度的订单总额同比增长38%,至120亿美元。

  The key reason for the slower growth may be a slowdown in Uber’s core ride-hailing business. Gross bookings rose 38% year-over-year in the second quarter to $12 billion. In the first quarter, gross bookings rose at a 55% annual rate.

Uber一直在寻找新的增长点,比如外卖服务 UberEats以及出租自行车和电动车,但是 Uber仍然在花费大笔的钱来建立自动驾驶的车队。Uber公司有望于2018年底上市。

  Uber has been seeing growth in new areas such as UberEats and bike and scooter rentals, but it still faces heavy spending on creating a fleet of autonomous cars. Uber is expected to take its company public as early as late 2018.火龙果智能语法检测


  Intel Discloses Three More Chip Flaws


  According to Reuters, U.S. chipmaker Intel Corp recently disclosed three more possible flaws in some of its microprocessors that can be exploited to gain access to certain data from computer memory.

英特尔称,受影响的产品包括广泛使用的核心处理器和 Xeon处理器。该公司在其博客中说:“我们还没有知道这些方法是否被使用,但这进一步强调了所有人都需要遵守安全规范。”

  Its commonly used Core and Xeon processors were among the products that were affected, the company said. "We are not aware of reports that any of these methods have been used in real-world exploits, but this further underscores the need for everyone to adhere to security best practices," the company said in a blog post.

为了解决这些问题,英特尔将推出更新,并表示,新的更新将在今年年初添加,以降低用户包括 PC用户和数据中心的风险。火龙果智能语法检测

  Intel also released updates to address the issue and said new updates coupled those released earlier in the year will reduce the risk for users, including personal computer clients and data centers.

一月份,安全研究人员发现芯片存在漏洞后,该公司开始接受调查。这些漏洞可以让黑客们在使用英特尔、 Advanced Micro Devices Inc和 ARM处理器芯片的电脑设备上窃取敏感信息,他们说。AMD称,英特尔公布的新漏洞对其芯片没有影响。

  In January, the company came under scrutiny after security researchers disclosed flaws that they said could let hackers steal sensitive information from nearly every modern computing device containing chips from Intel Corp, Advanced Micro Devices Inc and ARM Holdings. AMD on Tuesday said it was not impacted by the new flaws disclosed by Intel.火龙果智能语法检测


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